HRC/AKC Retriever Hunt Tests

Dogs that are in to run hunt test dog training programs tests are trained for the specific situations and rules that the hunt test environment demands. I don't run dogs that are not ready, but when they are, we go. After being trained to compete, these dogs have proven to be exceptional in the duck blind. obedience training

Our dog training programs are designed to get the most out of your gun dog. The Introduction Program insures your retriever has the right start for its hunting career. The Gun Dog program gives the dog the technical foundation and experiences to be a polished gun dog. Advanced training for handling blind retrieves is also available. All programs include birds; we use pigeons, chuckers, pheasants, and ducks. We can train your dog for whatever your hunting preference - duck hunting, goose hunting, pheasant hunting, quail hunting, whatever!

Vaccinations Needed

Current Vaccination Certificate is required at time of check-in. DHLP-P with Corona,Intra-TracII (Bordetella) must be current within 1 year. Rabies must be current within 2 years.

Dog Training Programs at Luttrell Kennels​

Dog Training Programs

Intro to Hunting

(4 week program)

Designed for dog 5 months of age and older, this introductory class teaches basic obedience and introduces the dog to the bird and gun.

Price $250/week includes tax and birds. Full program is $1,000.

Gun Dog

(12 Week program)

This program builds and polishes all the skills that make your hunt enjoyable and more productive. It starts with the basics of obedience, manners, collar conditioning, and force fetching. The basics allow us to move onto a finished delivery of birds at heel, control in the field, and steadiness in the duck blind. Handler training is the final stage of this program. Teaching you the proper commands, body language, discipline, and praise will allow you to get the most out of the gun dog and make the two of you a better team.

Price: $250 / week includes tax and birds. Full program is $3,000.00.


(12 week program)

Training for handling to run blind retrieves is a must for the hardcore waterfowler and hunt test competitor. This training takes the skills from the Gun Dog program to the next level. Training includes whistle "Sit," back cast, force to pile, wagon wheel, baseball, double T, swim by, memory and cold blinds. Most dogs finish in twelve weeks. Handler training is really important to develop the teamwork needed to run blinds cleanly.

Click here to see a video that we put together of a finished dog that we trained to handle.

Price: $250 / week includes tax and birds. Full program is $3,000.00.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for any level of training. Contact  John to make an appointment.

Price $70/hour plus the cost of live birds.


We do provide boarding services when space allows at $30/night.